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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can pay up to $3,345* per month!

American workers who have become disabled and can no longer work may be eligible for monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration.

National Disability specializes in helping American workers apply for and win the SSDI benefits they deserve.

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Why Choose National Disability?

Received by Clients Annually!

Getting our clients the benefits they deserve.

We Work Tirelessly For Our Clients

We work relentlessly to get our clients the benefits they deserve… and it shows! National Disability clients received over $1.5 BILLION in SSDI & SSI payments just last year alone!
We get results – over 100,000 wins for our clients, and counting!
Over 90% of our clients win benefits when they complete the process with us!
Our advocates have over 500 years of experience working on SSDI cases!
Applicants have an over 3x better chance of getting approved with an advocate!

* DISCLAIMER – $3,345 was maximum monthly payment as of December, 2022. Average monthly payment to SSDI beneficiaries as of January, 2023 was $1687. These dollar amounts will likely fluctuate from month to month, although a recipient’s monthly benefits will likely remain static once set, except for cost of living adjustments. These figures are for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of results for any National Disability client.